It’s not a bug, but a feature

by admin on January 15, 2008

This website went down for about 12 hours last night, meaning I missed the European and early-morning missed traffic. This is my fault, as this blog is hosted on a small local c ompany that offers a cheap hosting plan, no phone lines for support, and a bit of a shady reputation.

However, fixing this problem would require time and money, both of which are usually in short supply the first quarter of every year (I live by consulting, and my clients are usually begging for funding from their bosses in January, and not paying me for anything).

There fore, in the great tradition of software marketing, I present the occasional downtime of this blog as a feature! It's not a bug! Now, when you type in the url, you will be consumed with excitement, not knowing if the web site  will pop up in your browser or time-out. Sorta like Russian roulette but without the bullets or gore.

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