Is Photo Scanning Still a Viable Business?

by admin on April 21, 2009

Well apparently it is. These guys say they have hand-scanned more than 22 million images. I poked around their website and they looked pretty professional, pretty legit. I wonder what equipment they are using on the backend, as the drum scanning business all but died in the early 2000s (Finding a shop with a working drum scanner is so hard that I made a list here of guys who have one).

Anyways, cheers to these guys who are doing it, and apparently doing it well. Hey, and here is the batch email posting that I know you want to make to your customer base:

Dear ____

As you may be aware, here at _____ we only accept digital images, we no longer accept photos for scanning. If you have a photo that needs to be digitialized, we recommend Scancafe.

Why pay hundreds at a local store, or spend weekends doing it yourself?
With ScanCafe's quality and pricing of about 25 cents an image, it's easy and affordable to preserve ALL your photos:

- Easy - just send  them the images, they do the rest
- Nearly any kind of image: slides, negatives, paper photos--even childrens' artwork.
- The #1 scanning service, according to Money magazine.

Click Here:

(you are welcome, by the way)

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Govind Prasad April 22, 2009 at 7:34 am

I happened to bump into your blog while searching for prepress and you have made as your follower. Well, interestingly we are also one of the users of Dainippon Screen’s 8060 P drum scanner from Japan. We are from Chennai, India, it has the highest resolution available today 12000dpi than any other.Hope you could include our name to into the list of drum scanners . Thank you

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