Is Kodak screwing itself?

by admin on February 21, 2008

Joe Postscript over at Software Robotics is doing a big rant at how Kodak is screwing it's customer base by denying access to the admin control of the CTP panel.

My opinion on this matter? You know, I'll try to diplomatic and non-confrontational in these matters. My affable nature precludes me from making any inflammatory comments that would further aggrevate the subject... Oh, what the heck:


Personally, I don't give two sticks. I'm a workflow guy, and other people (tm) gotta deal with the control panel when the Lotem starts to hiccup. But I will make some wild guesses, as it is my blog and what's the use of owning a blog if you can't make wild unsubstantiated statements:

1. Kodak Hong Kong is probably going ballistic or went ballistic over the decision and is now wallowing in the pit of despair. Shipping CTPs into China and India and not allowing the independents to service the machine would be a logistical nightmare. Come to think of it, I can't see how the Chinese and Indians would stand for it.

2. Kodak Brussels. Eastern Europe and Russia. Ditto.

3. South America. Have they even heard of South America in Rochester.

The more I think of it, the more I suspect there has to be cheat codes or else mods that are made to the machines if they are shipped out of North America.

BTW, I don't know 100% if you can pin this one on the Rochester folk. Even when I was working at Creo there were a bunch of engineers who thought it would be a neat idea to lock down the control panel. Of course we always ignored them but maybe one of them got promoted by accident.

Nah, there's gotta be cheat codes or mods somewhere.

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