I1 (Eye-One) Spectrophometer Fun

by admin on September 28, 2008

Haven't really been posting much as its been so busy at the shop and at home. My business year-end is June 30th and its really been a struggle this year to get the bookkeeping in order, in order to file my payroll tax, corporation tax, and the GST (good & services tax). Plus Printcraft is booming and with many new projects going on which I hope to post about at a later date.

But first, let's talk about the I1 and KPS (Kodak Proofing System). We had a heckuva time over the last six months getting our proofs off the Epson to be calibrated. Not that there was anything wrong with the Epson, its just that whenever we ran a check strip or a calibration strip, the I1 wouldn't read the patch on the second swipe.

In the spring we sent the I1 off to be serviced and the spectrophometer eventually found its way to Swizterland where X-Rite pretty much ripped all the guts out, replaced everything and sent it back. Still wouldn't calibrate. So we phoned the X-Rite guys and after a little bit of phone tag (only because we're Canadian and we had to go through distributors before getting to the Tiger team in the US) we hooked up with Kevin  who was pretty darn helpful (BTW there are two Kevins on that team and sorry I forgot his last name).  Over the phone, he pointed me to the I1 diagnostics program which is available for download.

Its a nifty little utility that confirmed there was nothing wrong with the I1. Huh, okay, so we head over to Kodakland and fortunately we get the call taken by Peter Kroner, who has been at Creo/Kodak for an eternity (he started there before I did, and i started in 1997). Because he is literally just 3 kms away, I ship the Eye-One to him and a few days later he phones back telling me he can calibrate with my spectrophometer, even with the strip I can send him.

Hmmmm, so what is wrong in my environment? I try calibrating from a different workstation. Still no luck. I check my USB ports to make sure they are giving enough juice. This is where I think X-rite should stick a big printed warning on every I1, saying SUCKS A LOTTA JUICE, you have to plug in the back of your Apple tower, not the front, or the lightbulb has issues staying on. Anyways, still no go.

Peter says to do a level two flush after backup. That's a setting in the proofer admin consol of the KPS. If that doesn't work then I'm really stumped. But on a Friday afternoon after our operator has gone home and no proofs need to be made, I flush the system. And it finally calibrates. So that's a problem solved that was starting to suck up significant bandwidth. Hurray.

So to summarize, if you are having problems with the I1:

1. Check your USB connection. They recommend a powered hub, or plug it directly into your Mac tower to make it's getting the juice.

2. Run the free diagnostic program.

3. You can even download the Profilemaker application and generate a test strip that the I1 will measure, in demo mode.

4. If you are using the Kodak Profiling System, do a level two flush if you are encountering calibration weirdness.

Oh, and don't forget about X-Rite free calibration software.

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