HP Watch

by admin on August 24, 2009

Ah, I just returned camping with my family. There is still about one half (metric) ton of laundry to be processed downstairs. Open up the Prepress Pilgrim dashboard and found that Russian spammers have managed to evade Akismet temporarily, so I have to delete their wonderful, insightful comments about pharmaceutic drugs manually. Another day.

I cruise over to one of my favourite places to grab blogging ideas and printceo has an article on a new HP inkjet web press install over at Federic Printing. It has been production for a week, and there cutting the ribbon today. Looks like the target niche will be short-run book printing, although at present the term "short-run" is defined very loosely (1000 impressions? 10,000? How about  100,000?).

Well you gotta think the Federic guys have worked their spreadsheets really hard to ensure they make money on this puppy. I mean, it's not like they can throw it out the door in a recycle box if all of sudden they discover they  can compete with traditional offset. Good for them, despite my crabbing about inkjet presses, I really hope I've been wrong and this inkjet press thing takes off and the industry starts to make money again. Please baby please.

Other news about HP is that Printweek in Europe report the HP Imaging and Printing group saw a 42% drop in hardware shipments. Ugh. On the other hand, remember we are talking about inkjet where consumables are the tail that wags the dog. So revenue dropped only 20%. Overall, for all of HP, revenue dropped only 2% in the last year. Really, that's quite amazing.

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