Hired my first employee

by admin on September 12, 2011

Hopefully, not the last.

Her name is Iwona. She just finished a year of graphic arts school. I asked her before she started how much time they spent on WordPress.

In a year of classes, they spend a total of one week on WordPress.

Uh oh, I said, you're gonna a LOT of time in WordPress when you come work for me.

So I gave her an easy project to start out on, a little site called  Rockband for Wii. I had picked up the url years ago intending to build a game review site but other things caught my eye.

I had her do a wordpress installation, load up the standard plug-ins, design the logo and all that good stuff. She's a very good logo designer by the way and learns pretty quick.

All of which is important in this line of work.


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