GraphExpo 2008: The Big Disconnect

by admin on October 30, 2008

Well, okay I didn't go. And I can't even pretend I'm some sort of industry pundit with a 30,000 foot of the industry. I mean, I spent the days fixing the ink profile server and haggling with vendors who probably enjoyed the conversations less than I did and are most likely good people, trying to turn a buck in a business where margins are thin.

But I'm reading what's coming of out the trade shows and I'm thinking, okay, maybe some things were missed here. Now American Printer had a nice write-up on what was being hyped "ten technologies you should look into" and the big one was...drumroll... MIS!! And they even managed to slip in a mention of JDF.

PrintCeo did make mention of MIS when they noted how Vistaprint is making big inroads in the industry. Yah, no kidding. But I'm surprised (okay, I'm lying, I'm not surprised) that there was absolutely no mention of Vistaprint total domination of the print marketing in the internet marketing space.

How many Google Adwords tutorials or info-sessions were held at Graph Expo? I would guess zip, zippo. How many affiliate marketing introductions powerpoints were shown at Graph Expo? Negative, nothing. Do you guys really think that Vistaprint is kicking your butts because of their MIS system?

Gees, can I say this? You guys are a bit dim. Google business cards or 'free business cards' and watch the screen fill up with Vistaprint affiliates. Check out affiliate companies like COPAEC and Neverblue and note the number of affiliate offers that Vistaprint is running.

And that, my friends, is where this industry is going. Whoever has the best marketing will win. And most offset printing companies are not even showing up in the arena to compete.

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Brady Manthe November 3, 2008 at 5:26 am

I think most commercial printers are new to the arena of advertising at all much less the internet marketing space. My company has been trying to plan a complete marketing strategy and always stumble when in comes to the web. Would you have any beginning steps for us? Where do we start? We have a strong “feet on the street” sales team but they are very local (100 mile radius). We have all the components in place to service just about anyone’s needs but are trying desperately to get our name out past our local boundaries.

Thanks for any input.

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