Grandma and the Slow PC

by admin on July 8, 2009

I bought a computer last summer for Grandma (BTW she hates being called Grandma and prefers being called Na-na by the kids). She took it back to Alberta. Now she is visiting again and brought the computer back for me to look at. Because it's slow. It's really slow.
Fortunately I have decades (decades I tell you) of troubleshooting computers. So I hook the sucker up and pound on the power key and wait ten minutes for the OS to give me control of the mouse.

Uh-huh. Yeah I know what this is, but let's go through the troubleshooting routine just to be professional. Hit the ctrl-alt-delete to bring up windows task manager. Sort by RAM. Sort by CPU. Take note of the unfamiliar exe files. Search computer for unfamilar exe files.

Yup. It's the anti-virus software provided by an ISP. In this particular case it's Shaw. Man, I hate Shaw.

Next step is to de-install the 281 megs of files in the installation folder. Jeepers, 281 megs did they put a flight simulator in there too?

Restart, computer comes up in five seconds. Next step is to download Clamwin and install. Footprint: 27 megs.

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