Google Apps for Domain is Dead | Long Live Exchange

by admin on October 6, 2008

If you have been following my blog for the last few months, you will know that we spent the summer switching over from our ISP's email service to Google Apps for the domain. How did it go? Well, at the very end of it, we still have some mail sent to us from clients that never hit our Outlook box. We sent off a request for support from Google and.... ....never heard anything back. This is what you get for using a free service.

So, we were faced with using the paid Google service or finding a different service provider. We went with the email services from Radiant, and hosting on a remote Microsoft Exchange server. Last week was very busy as I was running around upgrading everybody to Outlook 2007, creating new mail profiles and getting on the phone every few hours asking how to do this and that.

Sometimes, it's not the software, it's the support. The Radiant representative was just fantastic, her name was Sherri and she works out of the Vancouver office. Very responsive, whenever we had a problem she responded within a few hours at most, usually inside a half-house. Sometime during the day she log on remotely and get it fixed either on this end or her end. This was very important as the sales staff were really not happy with the email situation that we had.

As an added bonus, radiant's email package support Blackberry integration, so this week I am working on getting the BlackBerries of the sales staff fully integrated with our mail server, so now all mail will go directly to the sales staff rather than the kluge forwarding hack that we are doing now.

So now I think, unless Google starts getting serious about providing real support for their email services, they are going to have a tough time competing for serious corporate business. I mean, when important messages were getting lost and I had to tell the front office guys "oh yeah, I'll send a mail off to Google and cross your fingers it wil get answered" that went over so not good.

Anyhow, back to the BlackBerries.

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