Getting e-mail to work with Prinergy’s Rules-Based-Automaton (RBA)

by admin on March 17, 2008

Every once in awhile, I end up working on really interesting project that makes for great posting material for this blog. And every once in awhile, I get trapped in a mudpie that I have to spend endless hours cleaning up. Guess which situation I am stuck in now.

I had set up a rule in Prinergy's RBA to e-mail myself, the owner, and the prepress operator to e-mail us if files were dropped in a certain hot folder. This hot folder was accessible to our web site therefore our customers could just drop in PDF files and they would be processed automatically by Prinergy.

Pretty cool, huh? That is, until we installed the latest patch to Prinergy 4.0 and it stopped working. When the system admin was opened, it would give a "Prinergy RBA not licensed" error and then show a corrupted view of the licenses. Nuts. A quick phone call to the response center and I pop in a freshly-minted license, and the error message still goes away.

Another phone call to the RC, and this time I get a case #. Same day callback and I relay details to the RC guy. I tell them that I installed the SMTP service on the Prinergy services and while the files dropped on the hot folder are being processed, we are not getting any emails.

So the RC has to do a VPN and then get back to me. Hey that's okay, this didn't look to be the usual run-of-the-mill push the green button and everything will be fine type of problem.

When they phone me back, they are pissed because I installed the SMTP service on the Prinergy box. Oh yeah, I forgot, Kodak response center HATES it when you install anything extra on the Prinergy box. Now you think I would have remembered this tiny but important detail, having been a part of the Prinergy development team for about six years, that the RC hates cowboy improvisations, especially on the Prinergy box.

Anyways, they insist on de-installing the SMTP service and I'm okay with that. They also keep asking who the guy was who installed the SMTP service in the first place, I guess because they wanted to send out an assassination team. I was strongly tempted to say James B. or Dirk D. but funny as that would have been, I think maybe not everybody would have gotten the joke. So I played dumb and mumbled a lot.

Anways, after blowing away the SMTP service on the Prinergy box, I have to now install SMTP service somewhere else, get it working and then prove that the problem is Prinergy. Whatever.

I've installed Exim4 on one of my Ubuntu servers, so I did a Telnet to confirm that it accepts mail from the Prinergy box. Oh wait, that sounds so easy. No, it took me hours to configure Exim so that it would send email to my gmail account as a test. And I have yet to figure out how to allow it to relay messages from the Prinergy server. The good thing about Unix applications is that they are so incredibly conscious about security so there is a very low chance that somebody will use my server as a spam relay agent. The bad thing about Unix is that documentation to enable it to do anything is scattered all over the internet. Getting Exim to work must have taken days in the time before Google.

And after I get Exim working as a relay agent, there's a good chance the problem is still with Prinergy.

Anyways, that's life when you are knee deep in the mudpie. Am I depressed? Oh no, I am an Ottawa boy living in Vancouver, and look what my parents are going through now. The grass is greener here, my friend, not the least because you can see it.

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