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by admin on March 26, 2009

So I start to get the phone messages from my mom-in-law last week about problems with her computer. I don't really mind providing free tech help for her, because when she comes to visit she bakes a lot, cleans up the kitchen, and looks after the kids. I get to see my buddies a lot more and actually go to a bar and watch the Canucks on TV for a change.

So I don't mind the occasional remote support call from her. Anyhow, she was getting these email messages from Yahoo saying that "briefcase" is closing down and unless she moved her data, she was gonna lose it. Well, it turns out that Mom was confusing the folders on the side of the Yahoo email account with the "briefcase" thingie that Yahoo was talking about, and took about 10 minutes to sort that all out.

Well you know, if you have been in the backroom of a prepress shop for any period of time, unless there is a separate IT organization in your company, guess what, you are IT support.  So here is a list of websites that can you help out:

1. Five Star Support

This web site has been around for awhile and it shows, which is good for us. For example, it has a section on Windows 2000. Judging from what I have seen in terms of legacy systems and prepress, I would be willing to wager that the last Windows 2000 workstation to be retired will be found in a commercial print shop. In 2010.

2. Ask Me Help Desk

The Help Desk guys have a wider scope than most of the other tech sites, in a Q&A format where you have to sign up for an account to pose questions. Not bad if you are stuck with support the front office's Blackberries as well as the servers.

3. Protonic

Eh, you have to create an account before you can see anything, like answers to questions already posted. Okay, check it out if the other boards don't help you.

5. Tech Support Guy

These guys seem to have a pretty active virus and malware sub-forum.

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