Free Color Calibration Software at X-Rite

by admin on March 6, 2008

If your prepress shop is like most shops, you will have a spectrophometer from X-Rite kicking. It may have a layer of dust on the case from being on the shelf for a number of years, but you have one.

Many shops have an Eye-One, it virtually comes with every Prinergy system nowadays. You should use it to calibrate your Matchprint although many shops just calibrate it once and then stick it in a corner.

But did you know you can calibrate your monitors (both PC and Mac) with the Eye-One? Trust me, the calibration process is super-easy and your blacks are much richer and the detail more crisp after a custom calibration with an Eye-One.

All you need is the software from X-rite to do this which is available for free from the company web site. Sure they don't advertise but it's hidden away in the support section. Here, let me give you the link.

You're very welcome.

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