Fire in the shop!!

by admin on August 20, 2008

No, not a real fire. But the type of fire that torments the sysadmin of any shop once in awhile. In this particular case, it was email. Everybody was upset about their email, and it was all my fault. Which is how it goes. When you are a sysadmin, you can't really play the blame. It's all your fault and you have to fix it (Well, if you are a lousy sysadmin, then you can try to play the blame game but you know, nobody really goes for that and at the end of the day, YOU still have to fix it.)

I had had the company running on Google Apps for the domains for about two weeks and for everybody using Outlook, it was driving people crazy. Here is a tip for people considering a switch to Google Apps for the domains. Don't use IMAP, it's buggy and flakey and it drives people nuts. I spent the whole day switching people back from IMAP to POP3 and it looks like I will keep my head for today.

But I still haven't gotten around to troubleshooting our web server, which was down for about 3 days. It's back up now, but I think the php config is making it as flakey as a box of cornflakes. Oh well, I have something to do for tomorrow at least.

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