Facebook Virus?

by admin on July 18, 2009

I checked google news for "facebook virus" and didn't find anything, but last night I spent two hours at neighbours place cleaning out a computer that got the pav.exe virus from Facebook (it pretends that it's anti-virus program). Real nasty piece of...

Anyhoo, thought nothing more of it, until my oldest summoned me from my bed (it's Saturday) and told me there was an unpleasant surprise on the computer (oh great).

Grandma has been on Facebook and had downloaded a virus. Fortunately, we managed to catch it before it had spread on the computer.

Like one heck of a coincidence that two computers got infected with pretty much the same virus after two separate users surfed on Facebook.

By the way, the quick and dirty way to check for viruses. In your search app, look for .exe files that have been downloaded in the last 24 hours. Delete them. Now check your window/system32 folder. Any files that are newer than 24 or 48 hours are very suspicious. Delete them.

Okay, it does help if you have had a lot of practical experience in hunting viruses, and you could screw up your computer if you delete the wrong file. But whatever gets through the day.

Yeah, you should run anti-virus software but unfortunately, a lot of them aren't very good ONCE you get a virus.

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FubarGuy July 21, 2009 at 10:33 am

I had a co-worker walk in not 2 minutes ago and ask if I’d seen the video of some ESPN woman that was taken through a peephole. You know, the one that’s apparently luring TONS of people into installing a virus in the last couple of days. Ahhhh, shouldn’t be long now before he’s back, wondering why his machine is all wonky.

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