Facebook Ad Manager: Why you should care

by admin on February 3, 2009

So I spent all weekend and most of today entering ads in Facebook and doing the occasional boink against the computer screen with my forehead. Because it's frustrating. It's pretty well known that Facebook has a jillion advertising guidelines and they reject ads left and right, much to the frustration of a lot of internet marketers. Worse yet, they take hours to reject or approve your ads. In contrast, if Google doesn't like your ad, it just gives you a lousy "quality score" and tells you it won't show your ad unless you pay them $10 a click. But it tells you whether the ad sucks or not pretty quickly.

But back to Facebook. You do Facebook because the demographic targeting is second to none. You can slice and dice the viewership according to age, gender, level of education, and geographic location as well as special interests. So if you only want your ad to show to Blackberry users in the US between the ages of 20 to 27, you can do that. Obviously, if you are trying to sell business cards or calendars, demographic targeting is really the way to go. Note: if you are not sure what demographics to target, then a little testing is in order. Visit my post on constrained array testing to get some ideas.

If you haven't tried Facebook yet, you really should as they are giving out $100 of free advertising to new accounts.

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