Do Prepress Companies Know About Social Media?

by admin on July 15, 2009

Okay-dokey, last week I made fun of Kodak and Agfa because it's pretty obvious that their marketing groups don't know about SEO, or don't care. Now I know what you are thinking in the back of your head "Mister Prepress Pilgrim, you were being unfair, that was an arbitrary test."

To which I answer: Yes. I know. But it's my blog. And where did I ever say that I would try to write about prepress issues in a fair and evenhanded manner? Wellll if I ever said it that time I must have been drunk. .. Anyhoo, on to this week's fun.

Now do you think that Kodak/AGFA/Heidelberg/whoever in prepress have heard of social media? You know, Facebook, MySpace, blah, blah, blah? Well I'm betting they haven't and fortunately I found a groovy little app last week that will help me prove it. A website called knowem lets you check your username availability across 120 different social media sites.

My friends, let the fun begin. Let's start with Google:

google-social media identity

Yeah, you have to squint a bit to see the results. Sorry about that. Okay, the big Goog is pretty well covered. Now let's check out Heidelberg:

heidelberg-social media identity

And let's see what AGFA looks like on the social media scene:

agfa-social media identity

Finally, my personal favourite, Kodak:


Hmmm, lots of Kodak names taken. I wonder if they are registered by the company or by private individuals.

So okay, why should companies care about social media? Well, one for thing, you can use social media identities to boost web sites in the ranking, so for example if you have 12 twelve Heidelberg identities on different social media sites, you can use them to boost your ranking for the keyword "Heidelberg" on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

But I guess you have to care about your ranking first before you care about your social media identity.

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