Creo Watch: More Layoffs at Kodak Burnaby

by admin on November 21, 2007

They are moving the demonstration center from the Gilmore building at Burnaby to Rochester. I heard they may continue to do benchmarks  at Burnaby BUT on the other hand, the benchmarks may be done in Colorado.

While it is much fun to bash Kodak head office for these layoffs,  the high Canadian dollar doesn't help. I was having drinks with a friend of mine last night and he think the Cdn dollar will go to $1.35 next year.  Aw, no way , at least I hope not.

Kate, Lamberto, Allan, Peter and Rick, hope you guys are hanging in there okay.  It's okay, there is life on the other side.

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ALarson November 21, 2007 at 6:26 pm

All is well in Burnaby. Alas, there have been some positions on the plating side move to Colorado, and the benchmark coordination to Rochester, there are still demonstrations rockin and rolling in Canada despite our lofty currency. We are on par to do roughly 90-100 demos a month for North America.

Much is different, but there is also a renewed excitement as it seems January 08 will be the start to take away red tape which can clog down a company of this size.

Glad to hear your servers are better and many good things to come. We miss your raw honesty in this place.

Allan Larson
Senior Demo Guy, Kodak

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