Cracked Prinergy Evo

by admin on May 23, 2008

So I get this comment on one of my posts that says this:


i have a cracked prinergy evo, but it doesnot get the ip?

is the problem from crack or something else?

thanx alot


Well Mehdi, aka dumbass software pirate, allow me to help you out. Prinergy requires a dongle to run. That means you need a special USB stick which is coded to activate Prinergy, along with a extremely long license key that is tied to that specific USB key.

Wow, thanks for hitting my blog looking for help on how to illegal crack Prinergy software, you stupid numbnut. BTW, did you know that I was on the original Prinergy development team and I worked for Creo for seven years? Well, now you do.

Have fun trying to crack Prinergy, bonehead. Thanks for being a subscriber.

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