Copperleaf: The New Creo?

by admin on July 29, 2009

About a couple of weeks ago I reported the news that Stan Coleman, formerly of the Prinergy team, left Kodak to join Copperleaf technologies. Yesterday I got a friendly ping from Daryl Spencer, COO of Copperleaf, who gave me a heads-up on a Copperleaf press release.

In case you are too lazy to click, Judi Hess, formerly of Kodak, has joined Copperleaf as CEO. So let's start to parse these bits of data together and form a narrative, shall we?

You've got Daryl, ex-Creo. Former project manager brought aboard in Creo during the 1990s when the company was in start-up mode. Led the Renaissance scanner team and incidentally the copydot toolkit team which were both successful product launches . And now you got Judi, who built up the Creo software group into a powerhouse during the '00s. Or to summarize, she has launched products which have made money too. Oh, and let's not forget Stan, shall we?

All the executives above have been comfortable (and have garnered success) managing teams of more than 50. But wait, Copperleaf itself has less than 50 employees: Are we seeing a case of mass-slumming by ex-Creoites? Let us turn to the press release for more clues.

"CopperLeaf has pioneered a new business planning process called asset investment planning (AIP), and our solutions provide value to asset-based businesses around the world," says Lynn Casey. "We are facing a massive growth opportunity and need the expertise of an execution master like Judi to take the next big step in our evolution.

(Text bolded  by me)

Oh look, by the way, they're hiring.

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