Check the soles of your feet: #iranelection on Twitter

by admin on June 17, 2009

If  you have been in a cave somewhere for the last couple of days, you should go check your twitter account and hit on #iranelection. It really is something.

As for this posting, I leave you an excerpt of an account of one night by Reza Baraheni, a former professor of English at Tehran university. He was imprisoned from 1981-82.

"It was already dark when they came. They were working very fast. The blindfold was on my eyes in a minute. I could feel someone else as well as the guard. The two of us were taken into the corridor and our hands placed on other prisoners' shoulders..."

"...'Where are they are taking us?'
I feel a strange pressure on my shoulders from the hand of the man behind me. But I cannot stop talking: 'Where! Where are they taking us?'
Other don't speak. I hear the barking of a dog in the distance and the coughing of someone nearby. And then the man from behind me say. 'Don't you know?'
'I've always been taken to my cell after interrogation. We never walked. They took us in the minibus.'
'We were in court. We're being taken to be shot.'
'No! I wasn't in any court.'
'I must have put my hand on the shoulder of the wrong man in the confusion. You must have done the same. There were too many people there.'
I don't know what to do. My whole mind is a vegetable. I try to call out to the guards. I have no voice. Cold sweat is running down all over me.
'Have they marked the soles of your feet?'
'Have they marked the soles of your feet?'
'They've marked the soles of our feet with a marker that we're to be shot.'
'I've no such things on the soles of my feet.'
'What are you waiting for! Just shout and tell them.'
This time I shouted at the top of my voice: 'Guard! Brother Passdar! There's been a mistake! I wasn't in court. Come and look at the soles of my feet!'
'Shut up, you bastard infidel!' It is the voice of the Passadar all right.
The man from behind says, 'Keep screaming. Tell them to come and look at the soles of your feet.'"

From the PEN anthology: "Writers Under Siege: Voices of freedom from around the world" ed. by Lucy Popescu and Carole Seymour-Jones. New York University Press,  2007

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