Business good, server bad…

by admin on March 27, 2008

Came in today after my day and the front office had big issues with the Simply Accounting server. As in the server wouldn't come up. Great, just great.

That server is a VMware installation running on top of one of the Ubuntu servers. I have two VMware instances running on one blade server sharing one hard disk. This is a bit naughty as you are suppose to allocate one hard drive per VM instance otherwise performance takes a big hit, but the Simply Accounting server acts only as a data repository, so come on.

Anyways, to make a long story short, I had to kill the other instance of VMware (which generates ink profiles for the Komori ) to get up and running. Which means there is a pretty strong possibility I've got a flaky hard drive ready to barf for all eternity, sometime in the next month or so.

But that leads to the good news, the owner is okay with buying a new server, rather than making do with these secondhand servers we bought off Craigslist a year ago for $300 each. In speaking with the Prinergy operator, business looks good, lots of jobs coming in, good quality jobs that are going on the Komori. When the printshop makes money, you get the gear you need. When it is not....

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