Bullets for Kodak

by admin on October 23, 2009

So, instead of digging myself out from the usual massive load of work that I face on a weekly basis, I procrastinated somewhat by reading one of the excellent series of articles by Rolling Stone about the usual fraud and swindle on Wall Street.
Naturally of course, I was curious to check Kodak's share price. Ah yes, it's going down again, after a most mysterious spike upwards in late summer.
Well, the third quarter numbers are coming out this week. Shall we hazard a guess to what the numbers will be? I'll go out on limb and say that they will suck, but the share won't go down because all the naked short sellers will be covering by then. And laughing at you and me.
Note: The title of this post refers to a Wall Street practice of buying non-existent shares (a perfectly legal practice) from a market-marker and flooding the market as to lower the share price.

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