Anti-Americanism, RR Donnelly & Quebecor

by admin on May 28, 2009

Fubar notes that there's a little bit of Yank-bashing going on about the upcoming acquisition of Quebecor by RR  Donnelly.

Now, having proven my skillfulness in tact and diplomacy by mediating the mother-of-all pillow fights between my two boys last night, I believe I can offer some non-offensive insight on this delicate emotional matter between two great neighbours.

Are Canadians anti-American here in Vancouver? Sure, especially when a team like the Red Wings come to town to play the Canucks. Or Anaheim. Or especially the Black Hawks with that sob Byfuglien who ran the goalie at least 3 times in the last playoff series with the 'Nucks and should have had a stick rammed against his ribs and possibly his backside for the crap he was pulling.

Mind you, when the Montreal Canadians come to play, we're not really anti-America at that time. We're anti-French. When the Maple Leafs step off the plane, we're anti-Toronto. No wait, we're always anti-Toronto out here on the west coast, it's part of the cultural fabric. Hey Torontonians, you got Burke but the Leafs still suck, nyah, nyah.

Anyhow, back to the original question, what's up with the Yank-bashing over RR Donnelly taking over Quebecor?

Well, first of all a lot depends on whether you think the acquisition is going to be "friendly" or not. "Friendly" is a codeword for "not whacking a whole bunch of people and throwing them out the door." Now keep in mind that this story which has been played over and over again north of the border:

1. Canadian company gets big and successful and employs a lot of people.

2. Canadian company needs money or gets in trouble and needs more money.

3. America company comes up with money and gains ownership of Canadian company.

4. American company tries to get money back. Ninety-nine percent of time this involves layoffs in Canada.

5. Unfortunately, significant percentage of the time American company is unable to save Canadian company and lays off everybody, grabbing assets to take back to U.S.

Now, it's fun to blame Americans every time stuff goes wrong in the world. As a matter of fact, if Americans weren't around, we would have to invent them. But the sad fact of the matter is that  above scenario happens when the Canadian management screws up or gets in a rough patch and there is no one in Canada who comes with some money at the right time. And I'm pointing the finger here at Canadian bankers who yeah, are looking pretty  with banks in the US failing left and right, but who never lifted a damn finger to help with Canadian industry in the 90s and 00s. I mean, they sold mortgages and pioneered the use of services charges to fatten their bottom lines but when it came to financing businesses up north, well lotsa luck with that.

Where did you think Creo got the money to expand in the 1990s and for a brief time become Western Canada largest hi-tech employer? Royal Bank? Bank of Montreal? Don't make me laugh, it was Goldman-Sachs.

Which is why Canadians get choked when Americans come in and do yet another take-over.  Canadians who don't know their history blame the U.S. Canadians who do want to kick the nearest ABM.

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FubarGuy June 3, 2009 at 8:29 am

Wow, I didn’t mean to spur an entire blog entry! That being said, I can certainly see the point-of-view from the Canadian side. Hell, Americans get touchy when our jobs head to Mexico & EuroLand, so a foreign company coming in & outright buying a large business only to shut it down & take the remaining jobs back would likely incite riots.

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