An Essential Tool for Prepress: One second plumber

by admin on January 27, 2009

one-second-plumberOh how you laugh. Or shake your head in exasperation, thinking what does a gas-enabled plunger have to do with prepress?? My friend, it has everything to do with prepress, because a skilled, truly gifted prepress operator, no, wizard is like a one second plumber, a super-powered gas-enabled plunger capable of blowing away the crap in any blocked drain.

Also, to move away from allegorical rhetoric, the thing actually works. Over the weekend, I nearly threw out a shoulder trying to plunge a stubborn toilet. In near despair, I went to Home Depot looking for drain rods but instead found this. It actually blows reactive gases down the drain (I recommend you keep it away from teenage boys) and literally blows away the crap.

With regard to prepress, well I don't know about you guys, but I've worked in some pretty industrial (spartan, non-frivolous, prison-like, pick your adjective) facilities over the years and once or twice, me and the boys coulda really used a one-second plumber to blow away a clogged toilet or drain.

If I was you, I would buy one and put it in the trunk of your car. For emergencies. It also makes for great starter conversation at cocktail parties.

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Allan Larson January 27, 2009 at 5:19 pm

Why do I have Corel 5 buscard.prn file flashbacks circa 1995 when I read this?
Ma’am, that Zoom text and Casper font is going to cost you $700 in new pipes.

Keep up the writin’ DJ. I hope this plunger theme wasn’t inspired by Prinergy 5 testing…

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