A New Revenue Model for this Blog

by admin on August 11, 2009

Marketing Pilgrim has written up the news that  the Associated Press (AP) is

"...Now putting together a program that will cost anyone who uses anything that they publish a minimum of $12.50. While that may seem a bit much it gets even worse when you discover that that price is for using just 5 words or less of their material!"

Now Marketing Pilgrim thinks this is stupid, but I think it's a great idea! As a matter of fact,  I think I will one-up AP and incorporate a pricing model for virtual use of Prepress Pilgrim material.

  1. Read one blog post =$1.00
  2. Laugh while reading = $1.50
  3. After reading post, passing thought that the author is an idiot = $20
  4. Use of any word in any of my blog posts, in any form of electronic media communication, including the words "the," "and" and "or." = 25 cents.
  5. Mention to colleague, friend or cellmate that you read Prepress Pilgrim = 99 cents.
  6. Mention to colleague, friend or cellmate that you have the capacity to read without moving your lips = $99

In comments section, please leave your email address. The one that accepts Paypal invoices. I'll take care of the rest. Thanks for the business.

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