10 Fearless Prepress Predictions for 2008

by admin on December 31, 2007

Here is what will happen in 2008. Trust me on this, these predictions are so rock solid you can take them to the bank:

10. Prinergy will continue to remorselessly gain market share and extend its dominance of the prepress workflow space. Printing pundits the world over will continue to ignore this, with the exception of yours truly.

9. Kodak will continue to layoff staff at its Burnaby operations, due in no small part to the strength of the Canadian dollar 8-(

8. Epson and HP will continue to make massive gobs of money off their ink cartridge duopoly, more than Microsoft ever did off of Windows. Anti-trust authorities will continue to ignore this.

7.  Most printers will continue to barely broke even or lose money, except for a minority who make a very good living indeed but keep very quiet about it.

6. Most printers will under invest in IT and under train their staff, except for a minority who do the opposite but keep very quiet about it.

5. Most printers will ignore Google adwords, except for Vistaprint who will continue to pour money into Internet marketing and buy up every single Google keyword that has anything to do with printing.

4. Vistaprint will continue to grow and grow, while most printers fixate on Kinko that tries to compete by paying lower wages than most print shops (a difficult task indeed). Kinko will continue to suck.

3. Sometime in 2008, a son will inherit his father's printing business than has been in existence for more than 20..50..75 years. And will put it up for sale.

2. A company will shut down its internal print shop and sign a contract with an external vendor to manage its printing operations. And then get completely hosed on the consumables deal.

1. Adobe will do something that will really freak out its user base. Whoops they did it already! 

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