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The author of this blog, prepress pilgrim is DJ Dunkerley of Vancouver, British Columbia. As you may guess, he has some years experience in prepress, having first picked up an exactor knife and hot wax back in 1991, or about the same time as when dinosaurs first walked the earth.

But seriously, that was about 3 years before the internet. I mention this because just the other day, my nephew asked what games I downloaded off the 'net when I was a teenager. Uh...couldn't do that, instead teenagers of my generation typed in BASIC code from Byte magazine. Or programmed games ourselves on the Vic-20.

But then the nineties arrived: Interesting times. Computers came into the shop and jobs were open to anybody with an appearance of intelligence and a dash of youthful enthusiasm (i.e. willing to work cheap). I worked for about three different service bureaus/print shop before being hired as an applications specialist by Creo in 1997, by the software development group.

It was the career equivalent of hitting a goldmine. Creo was about ready to burst onto the international prepress scene, and the software group was the hottest place in the coolest company on the Canadian west coast. After a year of being an application specialist for a little-known product called Prescript, I transferred to a secret project (yeah well not known to the public) called "Araxi." The product later acquired the name Prinergy.

Early 2001 Creo merged with Scitex and I took up an offer to visit Creo Australia and help with the roll-out of Prinergy 2.0 there. Creo was like in that in those days, one fantastic opportunity after another to work on your personal development and take on challenging roles.

When I returned from Australia they kicked me upstairs and made me a project manager. I worked briefly with the Iris inkjet division in Billerica, Boston before the Epson juggernaut made them redundant, then I worked with the Israelis in Herzlia. The engineers and the software developers, the guys that I worked with, were all right, more than allright, they were really good guys. I had a couple of good years working with them where we got projects out the door that were successful commercially and well-received.

Since leaving Creo in 2004, I have worked for myself at Blue Butterfly Consulting (www.bluebutterfly.ca). The last few years I have been focused on internet marketing. For about the last year I have been working in the financial newsletter/news aggregator niche. I have gotten very busy all of a sudden, so much that I have been turning away work and not really blogging as much as I want to.

Fun sites I worked on over the last few years: One of the very first sites was about the Mazda Miata, as I bought one about five years (and am now trying to sell it). The site is about 3 years old. Still brings in a bit of cash every two or three months. Go figure it's not much to look at.
Hey, I haven't been sleeping as much as I want to.

For awhile I tried blogging about the Blackberry, to be specific a games for blackberry website. I actually did manage to get some traffic to it, but considering I don't own a blackberry, and most games are Java based, there was only so far you could do with that.

Lastly, you'll never what my most profitable online web was (is). It's a site about porcelain dolls made by a German designer called Annette Himstedt. Go figure, but there is a certain type of collector out there that goes crazy for life-like porcelain dolls.


Yup, in case you are wondering, the internet business has taken off and I can pay my bills with it.  - September 12, 2011

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